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Dogears and classroom ROI

Interesting brief article in Queue on IBM’s Dogear social bookmarking tool for the enterprise. It appears to be a system like del.icio.us, but with the ability to assign groups and to set up levels of privacy. They skip over the most interesting and difficult part: How to get folks to use it! They casually mention […]
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Battle over books

The verbal boxing match over Google Library at the New York Public Library on Thursday (there is a Quicktime stream of the debate at that site) was a bit more lively than most scholarly roundtables. At times, it seemed like the audience’s champagne might have been spiked with a bit of Jerry Springer juice. The […]
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Remaindered Links

* The Art of Demotivation (via Pang) * What America really needs is wild elephants. * Speaking of big animals. They upgraded the size of the shark that attacked my little sister: 18 feet, and about two tons. Or, roughly the size of a Chevy Suburban. * Extreme Mormons: “How can you spread the Lord’s […]
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Auto-archeology, Simmel & me

So, this is a bit embarrassing, but since I am making students in my com theory seminar and my systems seminar write reaction papers, I figure it is only fair for them to see what I wrote as a masters student. I was searching my hard drive for something related to the class, and ended […]
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