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The New University Press

The future of the book, and of the publishing industry, has far less to do with what you produce, and far more to do with enabling an ongoing conversation. This isn’t news to any of you, you live it. But it’s easy, in the midst of a project, to get seduced by the myth that […]
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iPad Goes Back to the Future

So Penguin is talking about how tablets (read “iPads”) will lead to new forms of books. Their vision? Encarta, circa a decade ago. Really? This is what Penguin thinks people want from Pengiun? They’re going to try to go head-to-head with PopCap? The future of the book is, at least for the next few decades, […]
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Book triage

With most of the loose paper now in electronic form, I’ve been starting to make slow progress in scanning some of the books. In practice however, I’m not scanning my entire library, and I’m not scanning it right away. As I go through the books, I find they fall into several categories: Give away I […]
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Battle over books

The verbal boxing match over Google Library at the New York Public Library on Thursday (there is a Quicktime stream of the debate at that site) was a bit more lively than most scholarly roundtables. At times, it seemed like the audience’s champagne might have been spiked with a bit of Jerry Springer juice. The […]
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