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Dogears and classroom ROI

Interesting brief article in Queue on IBM’s Dogear social bookmarking tool for the enterprise. It appears to be a system like del.icio.us, but with the ability to assign groups and to set up levels of privacy. They skip over the most interesting and difficult part: How to get folks to use it! They casually mention […]
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Google Maps Walking Tour

Tim Bray posted a link to Udell’s Google Maps walking tour of Keene, NH, in case anyone (like me), hadn’t seen it. This is really very cool: it’s what happens when you allow others to co-design your service. I don’t know how many of the current MI students read my blog (I suspect very few), […]
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The end is nigh

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Responses to the weblog-only class

Although I’ve used weblogs extensively in previous classes, this is the first time I used them largely instead of physical class meetings. In my own opinion, this is not the best way to use weblogs. I wish that it were otherwise, but I think weblogs are best used as a way of enhancing the classroom […]
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