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Alex’s Porn Collection

No, not this Alex, 9th circuit judge Alex Kozinski, who has recently found himself in the limelight when asked to recuse himself from an obscenity case because he had published “similar” pornographic images to the web. He apparently believed that placing these items in an obscure directory on his private website was enough to hide […]
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Not X?

This blog is rated… PG? That doesn’t quite explain why I’m blocked by major filters. The rating changes depending on what is on the main page. I have a feeling that if it slurped up my archives, it would get a different rating, but even my cyberporn category only gets us down to an R. […]
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Nerd porn

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Ethics Bowl

I don’t know where to fit this, but someone has noted that my course on Cyberporn ended up being cited as part of one of the cases in the National Ethics Bowl. It strikes me that it is framed in a rather peculiar way, and there are much more interesting ethical questions involved, but hey–I’m […]
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