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Remaindered Links: Dangerous edition

The following are all dangerous for one reason or another: “I shoot all my employees.” Real men love Grosse Point Blank Probably not dangerous at all, but walking past this building would make me feel a bit uneasy. (In fact, it’s probably safer than walking past this hole, which I do on nearly a daily […]
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Remaindered Links: Amusingly Creepy Edition

Remaindered links, the amusingly creepy edition: * Rats like to be tickled, and laugh when they are. * Considering a career change? Have a contagious smile? Looks like an old friend is recruiting. I can’t be there, but I think my brother might be in town… I doubt this guy is. * America’s Army, already […]
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Remaindered Links

Some of these are new, others old… * Agoraphobics rejoice: Google now has street level photos. Here’s my apartment. The very slight creepiness is way outbalanced by the coolness factor. If I had checked this out before I went to trade in my cable box at a nondescript building, I could have saved myself a […]
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Remaindered Links

* Bring back (?) the furoshiki. Sure, we all know it’s good for wrapping that big old jeroboam (or at least magnum) of nihonshu, but as the diagram to the right shows, it can also be a fun way to wrap books and just about anything else. Much more ecologically-mindful than wrapping paper for the […]
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