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Dealing out the Uni

Howard Rheingold recently tweeted something that plugged into a question I have been mulling over for a while: If I taught a truncated online version of Social Media CoLab for 6 weeks, no accreditation, what would students pay? In particular, I tried (somewhat unsuccessfully) to relocate a small grad seminar to the local Panera Bread. […]
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[Fairfield] Blogging the Curriculum

Here is the presentation I’ll be giving in the morning. Yes, I’m still playing with the “screencast-as-slides” approach: ooh, distracting motion! Update: And here is a short outline of tips I handed around: phases.
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Interactive Communication – The online version

You may have noticed I have abandoned the idea of going all audio here. I’ve also decided not to echo every post from my grad courses here, but instead to do more periodic posts. And the periodicity will be rather long, since this semester’s classes are set up on a two-week cycle, in order to […]
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Blogging for Large Classes

Many (scores, actually) moons ago, I happily volunteered to write an article for the “Blogs for Learning” Nicole Ellison was putting together. I actually wrote this almost a year ago, while in Aruba, and then inconveniently forgot about it entirely. Blame it on the Balashi. Just ran into her again in Vancouver, and sent it […]
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