Remaindered Links

* The Art of Demotivation (via Pang)

* What America really needs is wild elephants.

* Speaking of big animals. They upgraded the size of the shark that attacked my little sister: 18 feet, and about two tons. Or, roughly the size of a Chevy Suburban.

* Extreme Mormons: “How can you spread the Lord’s word when you are standing on the darn handlebars?”

* Never too early to learn the need for the long view.

* Progressive, the nation’s 3rd largest auto insurer, is paying beta customers who put a black box in their cars. Nose of the camel. I can’t say that I like that my insurance premiums cover irresponsible drivers, but I also don’t imagine (given the appropriate vehicle) ever driving across the Mohave at less than a hundred miles an hour. And once the ability to monitor is in place, it is only a matter of time before police enforcement is provided access to that data.

Now, what would be cool is if it calculated your premium in real time. You’d have your speedo, tach, and current minute-by-minute insurance rate. Take a corner a little quick, and your rate jumps up. Drive the speed limit on long freeway trips once a week only, and your rate gradually falls. Pay-as-you-go risk management.

* Electronics and solid object printers are, like, so five minutes ago. How about printing new organs. Sure, that scene in 5th Element seemed fanciful, but maybe not so much.

* Are you against the war? Do you think that the yellow ribbons send the wrong message? Do you not care too much about whether your car gets keyed by someone who “doesn’t take kindly” to folks who don’t support the government? Try the Question War magnet.

* You know what’s fun on a Friday night? Remote controlling decapitated fruit flies using lasers. Seriously.

* Please don’t leave any comments reviewing this post, as it may be considered patent infringement.

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