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Cuttlefish rule

Cuttlefish are awesome.
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The Working NYC Harbor

Went on a harbor tour last night–a hidden harbor tour. Fun stuff. I’ve always loved the shipping industry, and almost ended up going in that direction at one point. Containerization is awesome. The photos are mostly “scenic” rather than of the working harbor. Unfortunately, I am relying on my old Minolta until they replace my […]
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Festo AirJelly

You know how to get my attention: encephalopod robot dirigibles Those three keywords are enough to get me excited. But who wouldn’t get excited by this:
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Man v. Shark

OK, this is just too cool. Sharkrunners is a game set up by the Discovery Channel for people to learn more about sharks. Human players take on the role of captains of virtual research ships, tooling around coastal waters looking to collect data on sharks. The sharks are controlled by–sharks! Yeah, the wii controller is […]
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