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Networked Teaching

Abstract for my “Internet Research 11.0” paper, to be presented this coming October… Networked Teaching: Institutional Changes to Support Personal Learning Networks Much of the educational literature of late has made a marked shift to the perspective of the individual learner at the center of a network of learning resources in the form of other […]
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Some of you probably know Michael Wesch through his YouTube videos. He’s just published an article in Education Canada entitled “Anti-Teaching: Confronting the Crisis of Signficance.” It is available as a pdf. If you want to see the significance problem first hand, visit a classroom and pay attention to the types of questions asked by […]
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ADHD & Electronic Media

Mind Hacks points us toward a debate in the UK over whether electronic media leads to attention deficits. The Baroness I’m critical of the way ADHD seems to be diagnosed in many cases as: “not paying attention to things I think you should, and expending physical energy in ways I do not approve of.” I […]
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Dogears and classroom ROI

Interesting brief article in Queue on IBM’s Dogear social bookmarking tool for the enterprise. It appears to be a system like del.icio.us, but with the ability to assign groups and to set up levels of privacy. They skip over the most interesting and difficult part: How to get folks to use it! They casually mention […]
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