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Amazon Mechanical Turk

A few times this week, I have chatted with folks about the use of humans by computers. To what degree does the introduction of a new user interface or, for that matter, any technology change the nature of individual thought or social interaction? There are plenty of specific and general examples of this that are […]
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Why would I need privacy?

Every time I teach about privacy it bugs me that students are not bugged; or rather, they are not bothered about being bugged. Or something. What I am trying to say is that my students at the graduate and undergraduate level seem nonchalant about issues of personal privacy. It’s enough to make me wonder if […]
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Group Leaders

In the systems class we are forming groups for the final project, which is, in practice, a fully formed and executable proposal. Not, mind you, a “I just thought this might be a cool idea” sort of proposal, but more of a “I’ve done a thorough literature review/benchmarking, am familiar with the best practices, have […]
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Why you should lead

I promised in class to post a text version of this, so here goes. Before Tuesday morning, you should email me (my last name at buffalo dot edu), with an indication of whether or not you want to lead a group and why or why not you want to lead a group. The groups will […]
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