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Dogears and classroom ROI

Interesting brief article in Queue on IBM’s Dogear social bookmarking tool for the enterprise. It appears to be a system like del.icio.us, but with the ability to assign groups and to set up levels of privacy. They skip over the most interesting and difficult part: How to get folks to use it! They casually mention […]
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Final Com Theory Reads

As per seminar participants’ requests, we are going to talk a bit about the intersection of Com Theory and Policy. There are a lot of ways we could approach this — talking about agent and interaction modeling, about ideas surrounding the global civil society, more in the direction of Pool or of Deutsch — but […]
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Diffusion, individuality, and Hitpredictor

We chatted in the Com Theory course about the intersection between Horkheimer and Adorno’s “Culture Industry” and the ideas surrounding diffusion. The theme I’ve been pushing all semester has been where human agency exists and where it is constrained. I think that this is the most interesting and important question that communication has to answer, […]
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Auto-archeology, Simmel & me

So, this is a bit embarrassing, but since I am making students in my com theory seminar and my systems seminar write reaction papers, I figure it is only fair for them to see what I wrote as a masters student. I was searching my hard drive for something related to the class, and ended […]
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