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Internet as Playground & Factory

Feel bad I haven’t had time to do a decompress on the Internet as Playground & Factory conference recently put on at the New School. I didn’t feel much up for live blogging, for some reason, or even Tweeting, despite enticements to do so. As a theme, it was intriguing. I was a bit concerned […]
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#g20 Tweets

I‘ve created this blog entry mainly as a way of providing access to some files related to the work Maria Garrido & I have been doing on the twitter conversation surrounding the G-20 meeting in Pittsburgh in September of 2009. Briefly, our aim was to examine Tweets that included the #g20, and figure out how […]
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Bryant Park Project killed off

I’m sometimes put in the position of being asked by those in traditional media institutions what they can do to defend against the incursions of the internet. It’s rarely put exactly like that, but something similar. I try not to get too excited, because where they (rightly) see a potential threat, I see a lot […]
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Why I’m not blogging

This sort of post has now become a staple, but here are some things I’m doing instead of blogging. I’ll try to post a little bit about these projects as they progress. * Finishing up my new book, Search Engine Society. I’m putting the finishing touches on the index. All of it was desperately out […]
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