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“Cognitive surplus” and the big change

Brilliant talk by Clay Shirky:
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Rising narcissism among college students

A psychological report that indicates that self-esteem programs have given us a generation of narcissists is getting a lot of attention in the media. The authors argue that decades of being told that “gosh darnit, people like them” has gone to the heads of today’s college students. Moreover, it seems social technologies encourage narcissism. Jean […]
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Called this one: Verizon + YouTube

A number of people in my Intro to Interactive class at Quinnipiac are employees of ESPN’s mobile effort. I noted earlier in the semester that the killer app for Verizon’s vCast was not sitcoms or sporting events–both of which are expensive, long content–but YouTube. It’s not exactly free, but moving that content to phones is […]
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Is the new

What’s “the new black”? More importantly, what’s the new X that is the new black? Check out the cool diagram of such claims from 2005. Wouldn’t be all that hard to automate the creation of that diagram, I think. A little script to automate a Google or Technorati search for “is the new,” a bit […]
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