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Video Annotating Socially

You may not have heard about the Video Annotation Socially (VAS) system yet* and so I figured I would try to provide a quick overview. VAS is basically a way to make comments on a video. If you’ve used the commenting feature on Viddler or on YouTube, you get the general idea, and VAS can […]
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What do you mean, “open”?

From very early on in my university teaching career, I’ve tried to make the materials in my courses openly accessible. This started by simply publishing my syllabi to the web, and has evolved to opening up all (or almost all) of the materials in the course, and more recently accepting non-registered participants into courses. That […]
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Dealing out the Uni

Howard Rheingold recently tweeted something that plugged into a question I have been mulling over for a while: If I taught a truncated online version of Social Media CoLab for 6 weeks, no accreditation, what would students pay? In particular, I tried (somewhat unsuccessfully) to relocate a small grad seminar to the local Panera Bread. […]
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The 1-1-1 map

I live in a part of New York that is sometimes called Manhattan Valley. You wouldn’t know why until seeing this snapshot from Google Earth. Though almost all of lower Manhattan now has skinned buildings, my area does not. It’s ironic, since the building across the street (at 100th and Broadway), which shows as a […]
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