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Girl With the Dragon Tattoo

With a little person running around, I get to go to the movies far less often, and so can take fewer risks. I still do want to see Burton’s Alice, despite the decidedly mixed reviews, but instead decided to see the well-reviewed Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (Män som hatar kvinnor). A number of people […]
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My Mom thinks I’m notable

My Wikipedia bio recently survived a deletion nomination. Which means I remain “notable” for the moment. But even if I’ve passed muster at Wikipedia, Mathieu O’Neil writing for Le Monde Diplomatique notes my relative unnotability: For example, why are relatively junior North American communication professors, Alex Halavais and Jason Mittell, featured in Wikipedia? Whereas more […]
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Don’t weeze the thaumaturgical juice

As my Mom notes earlier this week, the royal touch is regarded as capable of curing, so you aren’t supposed to, as Michele Obama did, touch the Queen, because this could lead to a reduction in her healing juice, or something. Or at least that is the interpretation that Time offers for ruffled British feathers. […]
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The Agenda

I was lucky enough to chat with some folks on a program that airs in Ontario, “The Agenda with Steve Paikin.” Yes, I bumble, I stumble. It’s my thing.
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