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Does Adlai Stevenson matter?

There is a great “fluff” piece over at the New York Times detailing the provenance of dorm rooms at a few schools. It includes a photograph of four freshmen at Princeton who, when told they were occupying Adlai Stevenson’s old dorm room replied that they didn’t know who the guy was but that “there’s famous […]
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Don’t weeze the thaumaturgical juice

As my Mom notes earlier this week, the royal touch is regarded as capable of curing, so you aren’t supposed to, as Michele Obama did, touch the Queen, because this could lead to a reduction in her healing juice, or something. Or at least that is the interpretation that Time offers for ruffled British feathers. […]
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Sheep Pong

(via rmazolan)
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When weird is normal

It is, I think, a reasonable corollary of symbolic interactionism, that you are only as smart as the people around you. Some of that smart rubs off, and even if it doesn’t you see yourself, and become yourself, through their eyes. As a strategy, therefore, it’s a good idea to surround yourself with smart people. […]
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