Is the new

Is the newWhat’s “the new black”? More importantly, what’s the new X that is the new black? Check out the cool diagram of such claims from 2005.

Wouldn’t be all that hard to automate the creation of that diagram, I think. A little script to automate a Google or Technorati search for “is the new,” a bit of scraping, and shipping it off to a grapher to create a map. Would be fun if I had the time. Maybe someone else does?

1st page of Google:

* Small is the new big.
* Awake is the new asleep.
* Random is the new order.
* ‘Force protection’ is the new buzzword.
* Pink is the new blog (2x).
* Funny is the new sexy.

(Technorati won’t let me search the phrase. Probably considers “is” and “the” as stop words. That’s kinda dumb.)

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