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My Mom thinks I’m notable

My Wikipedia bio recently survived a deletion nomination. Which means I remain “notable” for the moment. But even if I’ve passed muster at Wikipedia, Mathieu O’Neil writing for Le Monde Diplomatique notes my relative unnotability: For example, why are relatively junior North American communication professors, Alex Halavais and Jason Mittell, featured in Wikipedia? Whereas more […]
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Professor Wikipedi

A reasonably interesting send up of Wikipedia: See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor.
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The true distribution of Wikipedia content

Given the work Derek & I did on the distribution of topics on Wikipedia, I thought this was pretty funny:
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Correction: I “buy” it

I was looking over an article in the (Baltimore) Examiner that reads, in part: “Some things get really bad–histories, politics, gets controversial that doesn’t get settled easily,” said Bernard Huberman, author of a study, which determined that increased edits make Wikipedia articles “superior.” Not everyone is buying the study, and some even did their own […]
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