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Abstract of a Non-Existent Paper

A brief paper on the long history of mobile ICTs Especially over the last decade, the rapid diffusion of mobile telephones and related worn technologies left many struggling to understand how they might relate to social change. Although there can be little argument that we have seen rapid development in the technology of mobile communication […]
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A lot of buzz lately on Google Buzz. It’s been tagged mainly as either a Twitter clone, a FriendFeed copy, or Wave Light. Its greatest asset is that it pulls from (and into) the ever-expanding Googleverse. It works with your Google Mail, Phone, Search Results, Picassa, etc. They don’t make this as blatant as they […]
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8 things

ReadWriteWeb listed 8 Things Every Geek Needs to Do Before 2010. As if I didn’t already have enough things to do! Anyway, I’m giving myself a bit of a reprieve, and some of these will be done by February 1 instead of January 1. 1. Edit your privacy settings and friendships. This one is easy […]
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Why Spy?

So, I like the idea of Spymaster, at least in some ways. I think the web design is great, and the writing is fun. But the gameplay–to me–seems to mix the worst of grinding with the worst of social network spamming. So, my question is: why do you play Spymaster? (I do–or have done–and have […]
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