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Ze Frank knows hisself some ugly

Ze Frank has recently been getting more didactic in his Show, but in a good way. He does a short blurb on Friday about the democratization of ugly. He’s running a contest for the ugliest MySpace page, which, as some of the commenters note, may be a bit redundant. But it does give him an […]
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Online media and the future of journalism

Went last night to a talk at the New York Public Library celebrating Slate’s 10th Birthday, featuring Michael Kinsley, Malcolm Gladwell, Arianna Huffington, Jacob Weisberg, and Norm Pearlstine. Given the topic, “online media and the future of journalism,” it was one of those blogged-to-death deals. I’m slow to the punch, my friend Trebor Scholz wrote […]
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Went to see District B13 on opening day with two friends. Throw in the popcorn and soda, and we were at nearly $50. It’s especially expensive to see films in New York, but it’s expensive to see them anywhere. I still go and see a movie whenever there is anything remotely watchable in the theater. […]
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Ave Maria, Florida

CNN has a story about Ave Maria, a private community based on Catholic ideals, in which shops will be barred from selling porn and doctors will not offer abortions. It’s the brainchild of Domino’s pizza founder Thomas S. Monaghan. I suspect pizza will be widely available. (Somewhere in the back of my mind: “In Domino’s […]
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