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What makes up a badge?

One of the discussions I was particularly excited about at the Barcelona Drumbeat Festival was using badges to indicate certain skills, abilities, capacities, traits, or accomplishments. The idea here is what you might find in Boy Scout merit badges, or Foursquare badges, or Stack Overflow badges: a quick way to see what a person knows, […]
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Networked Teaching

Abstract for my “Internet Research 11.0” paper, to be presented this coming October… Networked Teaching: Institutional Changes to Support Personal Learning Networks Much of the educational literature of late has made a marked shift to the perspective of the individual learner at the center of a network of learning resources in the form of other […]
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iPod Touched Education

See lkl for more information.
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A year with Diigo

I’ve just finished exporting my bookmarks from Diigo and will be moving back to Delicious to keep my bookmarks. I’m not thrilled by this, but I think it works out better for me in the long run. I’m leaving Diigo only reluctantly, after a year of using it in classes and on my own. I […]
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