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The 1-1-1 map

I live in a part of New York that is sometimes called Manhattan Valley. You wouldn’t know why until seeing this snapshot from Google Earth. Though almost all of lower Manhattan now has skinned buildings, my area does not. It’s ironic, since the building across the street (at 100th and Broadway), which shows as a […]
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[OSI] Beyond Simple Search

Sorry, this last set of notes on a breakout session at the open source conference somehow ended up stuck on my laptop. Moderator Eric Haseltine started us out with the premise: “Search is great, but sometimes it sucks.” As always, this is a highly filtered, non-transcript-level set of reflections. Presenters: * John Howard, Deputy Associate […]
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[OSI] Knowledge Management

Presenters: * Dr. Mike Wertheimer, Chief Technology Officer, Office of the Director of National Intelligence * G. Clayton Grigg, Chief Knowledge Officer, FBI * Jeffrey R. Cooper, Chief Innovation Officer, SAIC * Ed Waltz, Chief Scientist, BAE Systems * Moderator: Thomas Sanderson, Deputy Director of the Transnational Threats Initiative, Center for Strategic and International Studies […]
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[OSI] Academic Outreach

I’m continuing to only blog the breakout sessions. At least one of the cameras at the plenaries (I counted eight at the last one) belong to C-SPAN (they’ve been broadcasting the sessions it over the last couple of days) and it’s possible to stream a few of those recordings from their website. They are recording […]
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