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The Perfect Hotel Room

I‘ve spent enough time in hotel rooms over the last few years that I have a pretty good idea of what the ideal room would be like. My ideal is probably different from many others, but I suspect it isn’t that different. In order of importance: Clean: I mean really clean. I’ve been in too […]
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My Web Personality

This is from an art installation that appeared at the MIT Museum. It grabs information from the web and classifies the keywords. I’m not at all sure how it thinks I’m a big sports fan–I can’t imagine what words I use that are “sporty”!–but as the write-up suggests “It is meant for the viewer to […]
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Suitless future

You know what people in the future used to wear? Jumpsuits and shorts. By Blade Runner and Fifth Element, we had pretty much done away with that. But in a future in which air conditioning is shunned as unhealthy for ourselves or our planet, can we assume folks will be trading in their three-season wool […]
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Since I was a kid, I’ve loved pedestrian bridges between buildings, and tunnels as well. I love the maze of tunnels under Crystal City and under many university campuses. I’m thrilled by the long-standing “Jetsons” vision of a future city of hanging monorails at the 40th floor and multi-directional elevators. So it’s no surprise that […]
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