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My Web Personality

This is from an art installation that appeared at the MIT Museum. It grabs information from the web and classifies the keywords. I’m not at all sure how it thinks I’m a big sports fan–I can’t imagine what words I use that are “sporty”!–but as the write-up suggests “It is meant for the viewer to […]
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Shifted Pace

Got an IM from someone checking in a few weeks back. He had gathered that my work had “changed pace.” I wondered what that meant, and he suggested that I had slowed down. Now, I am naturally lazy–a trait I am trying to more actively cultivate, but I gather he had figured that because I […]
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Not X?

This blog is rated… PG? That doesn’t quite explain why I’m blocked by major filters. The rating changes depending on what is on the main page. I have a feeling that if it slurped up my archives, it would get a different rating, but even my cyberporn category only gets us down to an R. […]
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“News, Race, and the Status Quo”

Posting will continue to be sporadic over the next month, as I continue to juggle about six different deadlines, in addition to all the stuff that goes along with the start of the school year. But in the midst of this it was nice to hear from some of my old colleagues about a paper […]
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