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We are awesome, trust us

I was curious what folks would make of a list of the “The Top 100 Liberal Arts Professor Blogs.” KF writes about it here, and yes (phew!) I made the cut. But it seems to be the perfect mutual admiration society, and the only credence the list receives is in the quality of its in-links. […]
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CFP: Knowledge Acquisition from the Social Web

I don’t think I can stay in Europe all of September and October without reinforcing the impression some of my colleagues have about my work ethic, which seems to be tied up with how many hours each faculty member spends in his or her office. However, if I could get away, I’d be winding my […]
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No Blogs Allowed

Mark Cuban seems to like saying things that make no sense; it’s a good way of getting attention. Heck, here I am blogging about him. The Dallas Mavericks have banned from the locker room any writer whose “primary purpose is to blog.” The problem is that this rule has been applied to only a single […]
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I hereby endorse…

Kevin Lim is one of 20 bloggers up for a $10,000 annual blogging scholarship. Many of the other blogs are also quite good, but Kevin–who is a former student of mine–has the best one, and deserves to win. If you’ve been reading this blog for any amount of time, you know that I’m a regular […]
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