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25 random things

I have managed to evade this 25 things meme that has infected Facebook. But now I have been officially tagged by Ms. Perry, who can–I believe–see Sarah Palin’s house from her back yard. And so, I am cheating, and following Liz Lawley (who was following Julian Dibble), on a 25 things with an obvious twist: […]
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Blogging for lazy people

Blog memes are for lazy bloggers. I am a lazy blogger. Blog memes are for me. Things I’ve done are in bold. Things I am indifferent towards or actively would like to avoid are crossed out. Things in normal type face are things I’d like to do. Comments in parentheses are my addition. I got […]
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Dumb politicians

Palin got a lot of bad press for being, well, stupid. Particularly when it comes to civics. According to this story however, elected politicians are generally pretty poorly informed. When they took this quiz on civic literacy, they scored, on average, 44%, and average citizens who took it scored under 50%. Now, I don’t want […]
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I am such a girl

So, I was watching a BBC show on the “Secrets of the Sexes” (below), and realized that I hadn’t done a self-indulgent online quiz in a while. So, I went over to the site and took a battery of quizzes. What were the results? Apparently, I have a lesbian brain trapped in a man’s body. […]
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