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A Wedding

Last weekend we returned briefly to New York City to attend the wedding of my godfather, Glen, and his partner of nearly two decades, Gino. It was a beautiful ceremony, and a wonderful reception at the Loeb Boathouse. It felt very traditional to me, though in one way, I suppose, it was not traditional. To […]
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Shifted Pace

Got an IM from someone checking in a few weeks back. He had gathered that my work had “changed pace.” I wondered what that meant, and he suggested that I had slowed down. Now, I am naturally lazy–a trait I am trying to more actively cultivate, but I gather he had figured that because I […]
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Learnable Moments

Yesterday was a snow day in New York City; the first in five years, apparently. Went out walking with Jasper so he could check out the snow. Lots of dads seemed to have taken their own snow day in order to engage in large scale snowball fights and sledding in the park. A whole range […]
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And he looks so cute…

… in his little red suit. Jasper is coming up on five weeks old now, and is starting to develop a personality. He was very into crown moldings and lights from the day he came home, but now he is starting to recognize voices and look at that person, and looks at different parts of […]
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