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Research Universities and the Future of America

In case you haven’t seen this yet… This is one of those cases where fostering the elite is a good thing. Nothing wrong with funding community colleges or making tuition at four-year institutions more reasonable, but we are systematically undermining our country both economically and culturally by undercutting our large research universities. All hail the […]
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Rethinking the human subjects process

Get a group of social scientists together to talk about prospective research and it won’t take long before the conversation turns to the question of human subjects board approval. Most researchers have a war story, and all have an opinion of the Institutional Review Board (IRB), the committee in US universities that must approve any […]
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TL;DR: The Future of Attention

I am proposing a session for Internet Research 11.0 (Gothenburg, Sweden, 21-23 Oct 2010) that focuses on the role of attention in internet-mediated communication. The panelists will be asked to present very briefly on a topic relating to attention and networked technologies, with the aim of spurring a lively conversation. While there are a range […]
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8 things

ReadWriteWeb listed 8 Things Every Geek Needs to Do Before 2010. As if I didn’t already have enough things to do! Anyway, I’m giving myself a bit of a reprieve, and some of these will be done by February 1 instead of January 1. 1. Edit your privacy settings and friendships. This one is easy […]
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