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8 things

ReadWriteWeb listed 8 Things Every Geek Needs to Do Before 2010. As if I didn’t already have enough things to do! Anyway, I’m giving myself a bit of a reprieve, and some of these will be done by February 1 instead of January 1. 1. Edit your privacy settings and friendships. This one is easy […]
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My Web Personality

This is from an art installation that appeared at the MIT Museum. It grabs information from the web and classifies the keywords. I’m not at all sure how it thinks I’m a big sports fan–I can’t imagine what words I use that are “sporty”!–but as the write-up suggests “It is meant for the viewer to […]
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Big Law Barbie

So you may have noted that Mattel is getting a little bit of guff over their Dom Barbie, to add on to the general problem of the doll’s body mold. On the other hand, Barbie is breaking gender stereotypes with the “I can be” career series. Who knew women could be baby doctors or art […]
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