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#g20 Tweets

I‘ve created this blog entry mainly as a way of providing access to some files related to the work Maria Garrido & I have been doing on the twitter conversation surrounding the G-20 meeting in Pittsburgh in September of 2009. Briefly, our aim was to examine Tweets that included the #g20, and figure out how […]
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My Web Personality

This is from an art installation that appeared at the MIT Museum. It grabs information from the web and classifies the keywords. I’m not at all sure how it thinks I’m a big sports fan–I can’t imagine what words I use that are “sporty”!–but as the write-up suggests “It is meant for the viewer to […]
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[the making of, pt. 3] Creating a sample

(This is the third in a series of posts on the making of a research article. If you haven’t already, go back and check it out from the start.) Having put together the bones of a literature review in part 2, I now need to collect some data. My initial aim was a round number: […]
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