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Badges: The Skeptical Evangelist

I have been meaning to find a moment to write about learning badges for some time. I wanted to respond to the last run of criticisms of learning badges, and the most I managed was a brief comment on Alex Reid’s post. Now, with the announcement of the winners of this year’s DML Competition, there […]
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Mozilla Drumbeat: Enter the Lizard

Who knew so much could be packed into so few hours. I’ve spent the last week burrowing out from things that piled up while I was in Barcelona at the Mozilla Drumbeat festival, an event dedicated to creating a learning web. Over this period, some things have marinated a bit, and so this is not […]
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Rethinking the human subjects process

Get a group of social scientists together to talk about prospective research and it won’t take long before the conversation turns to the question of human subjects board approval. Most researchers have a war story, and all have an opinion of the Institutional Review Board (IRB), the committee in US universities that must approve any […]
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DML Conference 1st Draft

Here’s a quick blurb of a first draft for the DML Conference panel proposal… More to come later :): Digital Media and Learning as a Post-Academic Field DML, as with many new fields, finds itself in the interstices of traditional academic practices. It draws clearly from a range of disciplines old and new: sociology, anthropology, […]
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