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Do online classes suck?

Before arriving at my current posting, I would have thought the idea that online classes compared poorly to their offline counterparts was one that was slowly and inevitably fading away. But a recent suggestion by a colleague that we might tell incoming freshmen that real students take traditional meatspace courses and those just interested in […]
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Shifted Pace

Got an IM from someone checking in a few weeks back. He had gathered that my work had “changed pace.” I wondered what that meant, and he suggested that I had slowed down. Now, I am naturally lazy–a trait I am trying to more actively cultivate, but I gather he had figured that because I […]
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What do you mean, “open”?

From very early on in my university teaching career, I’ve tried to make the materials in my courses openly accessible. This started by simply publishing my syllabi to the web, and has evolved to opening up all (or almost all) of the materials in the course, and more recently accepting non-registered participants into courses. That […]
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Dealing out the Uni

Howard Rheingold recently tweeted something that plugged into a question I have been mulling over for a while: If I taught a truncated online version of Social Media CoLab for 6 weeks, no accreditation, what would students pay? In particular, I tried (somewhat unsuccessfully) to relocate a small grad seminar to the local Panera Bread. […]
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