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Britannica bends

The Encyclopedia Britannica has announced that they will be cracking open the door on their writing process, just a little bit. They note that collaborative work “is something we’ve always done in creating Encyclopaedia Britannica.” Although this echoes a bit doublespeak (“We have always been at war with Oceania.”), it is essentially true. They argue, […]
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CFP: Knowledge Acquisition from the Social Web

I don’t think I can stay in Europe all of September and October without reinforcing the impression some of my colleagues have about my work ethic, which seems to be tied up with how many hours each faculty member spends in his or her office. However, if I could get away, I’d be winding my […]
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“Cognitive surplus” and the big change

Brilliant talk by Clay Shirky:
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MPOV on NPOV – inconvenient truth

None of these statements are true: * Jupiter is the 9th planet from the sun. * George W. Bush is the worst president in US history. * Six million Jews were killed during the Holocaust. Truth Talking There is a video up on YouTube by IJsbrand van Veelen called “The Truth According to Wikipedia,” which […]
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