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Second Life Best Practices in Education

Spent part of my day in Second Life at the Best Practices in Education Conference. Was great to hear about others’ experiences. Some was stuff I had already learned the hard way, but even then, it was worth the reminder. One of the recurring themes, which came up in Kenny Hubble’s presentation, among others, was […]
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Rising narcissism among college students

A psychological report that indicates that self-esteem programs have given us a generation of narcissists is getting a lot of attention in the media. The authors argue that decades of being told that “gosh darnit, people like them” has gone to the heads of today’s college students. Moreover, it seems social technologies encourage narcissism. Jean […]
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[IR7.0] Pre-conference on mobile learning

Well, I was blogging this as we were working, since I had a machine in front of me. But somehow as we came to our break, I was chatting with someone and my left hand, entirely without my permission, reached up and Apple-Qed away my post. Too bad, too, since it was an exemplar of […]
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I admit it: I thought DOPA was too dopey to be very worried about. After all, Net Neutrality seemed to me to be more important in the long run, and more embattled. I never imagined that DOPA would make it very far, and so I wasn\’t worried about it. As Will Richardson notes the anti-social […]
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