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The 1-1-1 map

I live in a part of New York that is sometimes called Manhattan Valley. You wouldn’t know why until seeing this snapshot from Google Earth. Though almost all of lower Manhattan now has skinned buildings, my area does not. It’s ironic, since the building across the street (at 100th and Broadway), which shows as a […]
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[IR7.0] Pre-conference on mobile learning

Well, I was blogging this as we were working, since I had a machine in front of me. But somehow as we came to our break, I was chatting with someone and my left hand, entirely without my permission, reached up and Apple-Qed away my post. Too bad, too, since it was an exemplar of […]
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Google Cam Hunt

This is a fun diversion. A posting on Boing Boing notes that this search string in Google ==inurl:”ViewerFrame?Mode=”== yields a bunch of Panasonic net cameras that are open to the web — most, it seems, are from Japan. Some random ones: * Somewhere in Japan (can’t read where) * Seal TV, in case you wanted […]
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