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Tangential Learning

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More Wikipedia Banning

How do you teach students to be critical users of information? Ban Wikipedia. At least that seems to be the answer for some terribly misguided teachers. One school district has gone so far as to restrict access to the Wikipedia website. Why? Because it is inaccurate. The stupidity of this approach is manifold. First, it […]
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I want to be the master…

Great video via Shanghaiist about the “Crazy English” movement. The title refers to the last phrase, which gets a bit messed up. ESL teacher as cult leader is not an obvious progression, but some of the elements of his teaching style–granting disciple status to women who shave their heads to demonstrate their desire to speak […]
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Six reasons I don’t like Blackboard

I don’t like Blackboard, and I don’t know why. That’s not entirely true. I have several reasons I don’t like Blackboard, but I don’t know whether they are reasonable, or they are just rationalizations of a deeply irrational dislike for the software product. Allow me to begin by saying I don’t hate Blackboard. I don’t […]
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