I admit it: I thought DOPA was too dopey to be very worried about. After all, Net Neutrality seemed to me to be more important in the long run, and more embattled. I never imagined that DOPA would make it very far, and so I wasn\’t worried about it. As Will Richardson notes the anti-social networking bill has passed in the House of Representatives. The vote was 410-15. My response is aligned with the American Library Association\’s: what are these guys smoking?< ?a>

So, time to call your senator. Really. Schools already are too much like prisons. At least, social networking provides a bit of escape, and a chance for students to be proactive. At most, it encourages self-driven learning, collaboration, and creativity. Let\’s not let our congresscritters add more blinders to students eyes.

In particular, I\’m going to be calling Hillary Clinton\’s office to make clear that if she expects to get any of the under-40 (yeah, yeah, I had another birthday–and I won\’t be part of this group too much longer–but 40 is the new 30) vote in future elections, going after social networking is the wrong way to do it. And I promise, when it comes to 2008, I will remember her vote on this issue, and I will be very noisy about it.

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