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Dear Blog

It’s been a good run, but I’m breaking up with you. We just haven’t had enough time for each other in the last few years. There’s the kids, and sexy young things like Twitter and Facebook. We’ll always have the memories, and I’ll make sure your links don’t rot, but I think it’s time we […]
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Garage Universities

I am wary of playing too much into the Silicon Valley myth, and nothing can be more central to that myth than the garage start-up. Nonetheless, the idea of a “university start-up” seems almost unfathomable, outside the less-than-interesting world of for-profit universities. I may want to buy a Tesla (automobile start-ups probably pre-date the Silicon […]
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Empty Endorsements

It seems like every day, I get another message from LinkedIn that someone has endorsed me. I suppose my first reaction is a short burst of pride or happiness. It’s hard not to feel this when someone says you are good at something. Then the resentment takes over. Because LinkedIn endorsements are meaningless. At best, […]
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Columbia Course on Social Software

Interesting syllabus for a course at Columbia’s Communication, Computing, and Technology in Education (found via weblogg-ed). They are also aggregating content, through the del.icio.us tag “ccte”. It’s not clear to me if they are also using del.icio.us to tag their own blog entries, though that would be a pretty effective way to go about things. […]
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