Columbia Course on Social Software

Interesting syllabus for a course at Columbia’s Communication, Computing, and Technology in Education (found via weblogg-ed). They are also aggregating content, through the tag “ccte”. It’s not clear to me if they are also using to tag their own blog entries, though that would be a pretty effective way to go about things. I suggested in my syllabi for at least one class (maybe both?) that we could share a tag (inf507 or com515, respectively) but we haven’t talked much about that. I am still trying to get folks used to the blogging part, and then we can move on to tagging.

I’m still hoping we can get enough people together during some semester to do a collaborative social software/social informatics grad class across several campuses, but I haven’t managed to coordinate it with anyone yet. Seems strange that given the nature of social software, courses seem to be focused on particular campuses. What I have in mind, and I’ve floated it by a few people now, is making ourselves — as teachers and students — reusable learning objects. That is, providing each instructor with autonomy over the local class, but also including some collaborative space with a speaker (or blogger, or whatever) space that is shared among the classes. Any time you add that kind of coordination, it makes for more planning time, etc., but my thought is that it could be fairly lightweight.

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