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Empty Endorsements

It seems like every day, I get another message from LinkedIn that someone has endorsed me. I suppose my first reaction is a short burst of pride or happiness. It’s hard not to feel this when someone says you are good at something. Then the resentment takes over. Because LinkedIn endorsements are meaningless. At best, […]
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The Badges of Oz

Almost a year ago I wrote a post about being a “skeptical evangelist” when it comes to the uses of badges in learning. This was spurred, in large part, by a workshop run by Mitch Resnick at DML2012 that was critical of the focus on badges. This year Resnick was back, as part of a […]
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Re-Presenting Badges

Yes, it’s another badge post. Feel free to skip, or take a look at some of the other badge-related stuff I’ve posted earlier to get some background. One of my earliest questions, asked a couple of years ago, about badges and the Open Badge Infrastructure is whether you could put badges into the infrastructure that […]
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Reddit, Course Discussion, and Badges

This semester I am using a community on Reddit to run my course. I’m certainly not the first to do this. Here, for example, is a subreddit for a Japanese language course, part of the whole University of Reddit project. Using existing social software for course management is also nothing new. The code that runs […]
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