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Garage Universities

I am wary of playing too much into the Silicon Valley myth, and nothing can be more central to that myth than the garage start-up. Nonetheless, the idea of a “university start-up” seems almost unfathomable, outside the less-than-interesting world of for-profit universities. I may want to buy a Tesla (automobile start-ups probably pre-date the Silicon […]
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Google plus what?

Over the last few days, I’ve been exploring Google Plus a bit, in my spare time, along with a quarter million of my closest friends around the globe. There are already a lot of reviews… that’s not what this is. I find it to be an interesting entry point, and I’m curious to see what […]
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Abstract of a Non-Existent Paper

A brief paper on the long history of mobile ICTs Especially over the last decade, the rapid diffusion of mobile telephones and related worn technologies left many struggling to understand how they might relate to social change. Although there can be little argument that we have seen rapid development in the technology of mobile communication […]
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Tweeting MiT6

The hashtag for the sixth Media in Transition conference got a lot of action during the conference and the period before and after. In the last couple of days, John Maxwell has posted an archive of these tweets, and Jean Burgess posted an updated word cloud. I figured I would fill in with some more […]
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