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Do online classes suck?

Before arriving at my current posting, I would have thought the idea that online classes compared poorly to their offline counterparts was one that was slowly and inevitably fading away. But a recent suggestion by a colleague that we might tell incoming freshmen that real students take traditional meatspace courses and those just interested in […]
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What makes up a badge?

One of the discussions I was particularly excited about at the Barcelona Drumbeat Festival was using badges to indicate certain skills, abilities, capacities, traits, or accomplishments. The idea here is what you might find in Boy Scout merit badges, or Foursquare badges, or Stack Overflow badges: a quick way to see what a person knows, […]
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Opening Socialtext

Ross Mayfield has “preannounced”, along with some other news, that the wiki at the core of Socialtext will be open sourced in the near future. I’ve had a little bit of a chance to work with a Socialtext wiki, and have recommended them to others. But the fact remains that the barriers to entry made […]
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Blackboard Blogging

Just flew into town and boy does my back hurt. Wait, I don’t know if I got that right. The Washington Post is running a few short articles on edublogging: an overview titled Blackboard Blogging, an article about the illustrious Will Richardson, a sidebar from Jessica, who is helping me out this semester, and an […]
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