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Internet as Playground & Factory

Feel bad I haven’t had time to do a decompress on the Internet as Playground & Factory conference recently put on at the New School. I didn’t feel much up for live blogging, for some reason, or even Tweeting, despite enticements to do so. As a theme, it was intriguing. I was a bit concerned […]
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Broadway for Rent

Been trying to do more walking (you know, the 10K steps thing, and tracking it on WalkerTracker), and Jasper has been riding around with me in his ErgoBaby, so we’ve been looking in store windows a lot and talking about what there to see. More and more frequently: dust. There are always vacancies out on […]
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It’s 70 degrees out today. This snowman was sweating it out on West 106th Street.
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Snow on Broadway

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