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Bryant Park Project killed off

I’m sometimes put in the position of being asked by those in traditional media institutions what they can do to defend against the incursions of the internet. It’s rarely put exactly like that, but something similar. I try not to get too excited, because where they (rightly) see a potential threat, I see a lot […]
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Moog Guitar

I’m interested in this new guitar from Moog for a few reasons. First, I’m curious as to how it will affect music: will we be hearing this instrument to a much greater extent? Given that similar music could be produced in post-production or digitally, why is it that this will happen? Is it a question […]
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Breeze & Transparency online

I am engaged in a three-week online seminar with other online teachers at Quinnipiac, talking about teaching and learning online. Since this week I we are talking about transparency, I figured I should put my contribution up here on my blog as well. So, here is the short (11 minute) presentation in Breeze–it opens in […]
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SEO Rapping

Got to get this guy in as a guest lecturer! He’s got a bunch of these up on YouTube, including “Social Media Addition.” (via Mark)
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