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What makes up a badge?

One of the discussions I was particularly excited about at the Barcelona Drumbeat Festival was using badges to indicate certain skills, abilities, capacities, traits, or accomplishments. The idea here is what you might find in Boy Scout merit badges, or Foursquare badges, or Stack Overflow badges: a quick way to see what a person knows, […]
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Congress Abandons WikiConstitution

Apropos our discussion this week, the following newsbrief from my most trusted mainstream news source: WASHINGTON, DC–Congress scrapped the open-source, open-edit, online version of the Constitution Monday, only two months after it went live. “The idea seemed to dovetail perfectly with our tradition of democratic participation,” Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid said. “But when so-called […]
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Blogging / Wiki slides

Presentation in a few minutes on blogging and wikis in teaching. Here is a pdf of the slides: pdf The presentation detailed here is a bit generic. I’ll see if I can capture audio for it as well. Hopefully, we can do something a bit less linear with the process.
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