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Jerky Merging

I‘m done with school for the year, and so, also with my exciting four-hour commute up to Connecticut. Especially after the thaw, that already painful commute got further complicated with lane closures as they tried to repair the damage of Father Winter. When a lane closes, the remaining lanes move slower. It’s that simple. People […]
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I so want this

Sign me up for the Aptera Typ-1. Wonder if I could get Quinnipiac to install plug-in parking spaces…
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The Working NYC Harbor

Went on a harbor tour last night–a hidden harbor tour. Fun stuff. I’ve always loved the shipping industry, and almost ended up going in that direction at one point. Containerization is awesome. The photos are mostly “scenic” rather than of the working harbor. Unfortunately, I am relying on my old Minolta until they replace my […]
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Since I was a kid, I’ve loved pedestrian bridges between buildings, and tunnels as well. I love the maze of tunnels under Crystal City and under many university campuses. I’m thrilled by the long-standing “Jetsons” vision of a future city of hanging monorails at the 40th floor and multi-directional elevators. So it’s no surprise that […]
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