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Broadway for Rent

Been trying to do more walking (you know, the 10K steps thing, and tracking it on WalkerTracker), and Jasper has been riding around with me in his ErgoBaby, so we’ve been looking in store windows a lot and talking about what there to see. More and more frequently: dust. There are always vacancies out on […]
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Mankind is no island

Affecting video shot with pocket hardware (mobile phone camera) and the cityscape as titles. (via Presentation Zen)
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The Working NYC Harbor

Went on a harbor tour last night–a hidden harbor tour. Fun stuff. I’ve always loved the shipping industry, and almost ended up going in that direction at one point. Containerization is awesome. The photos are mostly “scenic” rather than of the working harbor. Unfortunately, I am relying on my old Minolta until they replace my […]
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Since I was a kid, I’ve loved pedestrian bridges between buildings, and tunnels as well. I love the maze of tunnels under Crystal City and under many university campuses. I’m thrilled by the long-standing “Jetsons” vision of a future city of hanging monorails at the 40th floor and multi-directional elevators. So it’s no surprise that […]
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