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Disaggregating and Course Readings

We are coming into the home stretch now for the Com Theory course. This semester I abandoned earlier, more formal reading schedules to provide more flexibility. Won’t do that again, I don’t think. While having a reading schedule and feeling “behind” seemed to produce anxiety for the students, this way of deciding on the fly […]
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Com Theory: The Phantom Edit

OK, you should all have received some general comments (and a grade) from me via email. You will note that I have not included the sort of red pages that you may be used to: that is, there are no close edits. That’s because we will all be taking care of that together. I encourage […]
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ID est

We have been talking about evolution a bit in the Communication Theory class, largely in the context of Axelrod and social simulation. Ryan took exception to an introduction to one of the chapters in the Kennedy book that is fairly dismissive of “creation scientists,” calling the treatment “borderline repulsive.” Kennedy writes Incredibly, as the second […]
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Com Theory Final Exam

You will recall that the final exam for the communication theory is a group oral exam. Again, I’ll be asking questions both individually and as a group, but with three of you there, you will have more of a chance to catch a breather between questions. Remember that the exam is closed-book and closed note. […]
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