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The 1-1-1 map

I live in a part of New York that is sometimes called Manhattan Valley. You wouldn’t know why until seeing this snapshot from Google Earth. Though almost all of lower Manhattan now has skinned buildings, my area does not. It’s ironic, since the building across the street (at 100th and Broadway), which shows as a […]
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Over the Sea of Cortez

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Get outa town: Internet Research 8.0

Next week is conference time. No, not CMJ–that’s right here in the Big Apple. And not 4S either–are all the conferences in Montreal these days? No, I’m making my regular trip out to the annual conference of the Association of Internet Researchers, appropriately entitled Internet Research out in Vancouver. I had initially intended to make […]
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Not-so accidental tourist

I may be too old to be a cool traveler. While waiting for a flight, I was chatting with a retired diplomat who had been in Brisbane for a school reunion. During his career, he had served in diplomatic missions all over the world, including as a Fijian representative at the UN in New York […]
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