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Off to Brissie

I’ll be in Brisbane all next week (Monday to Sunday) for the Internet Research conference. I should have a bit of free time, especially before and after the conference, so if you are in that part of the world, and would like to get together, drop me an email, or comment below.
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What not to bring

I was a little bit freaked out about not being able to bring my computer on the trip to Australia next month. It’s a lot of time to spend in the air with very little to do, so I had planned on finishing off a couple of books and still doing some writing. Luckily, according […]
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Neighborhood video

What a cool idea! Turn Here hosts short films of neighborhood tours by neighborhood denizens. Here’s one (of several) for my neighborhood.
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Apple is recently under fire for having underpaid workers assemble iPods in China. Turns out the workers are paid a measly $101 (810 yuan) dollars a month, and are forced to live in factory dormitories. $1,212 a year certainly doesn’t seem like a whole lot, and it isn’t. But it is worth noting that China’s […]
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